Approaching your health in a holistic way, the practicing naturopath at our Penrith Traditional Medicine Centre is here to offer an alternative way to feel better, both physically and mentally. Where some doctors might simply prescribe medication, there can be other more natural options for your health problems that don’t involve drugs at all and minimise any unwanted side effects prescription medication can cause.

Our naturopath, Esther Vrzic, has been working with us for more than a decade, and has worked with many people to help overcome many different ailments through changes in nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and much more. So if you’re feeling under the weather and would prefer to try something other than medication, we’re here for you.

A Qualified & Friendly Naturopath in Penrith

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Because Esther looks at many areas of your total health and wellbeing, there are multiple ailments that she can assist with you. These include:

Stomach issues

A large amount of people who visit their doctor and complain of bloating and other stomach problems are diagnosed with IBS. However, a change in diet can produce a drastic change in these types of symptoms if you have an undiagnosed allergy (e.g. removing dairy if you’re lactose intolerant, gluten if you’re celiac, etc.). Esther’s qualified dietary advice combined with her vast knowledge of herbs is a very successful treatment option for your health needs.

High blood pressure

Generally, those who suffer from high blood pressure can see real benefits when they start exercising regularly, losing weight and eating a healthier diet. Our naturopath is here to offer guidance, set goals, and create a plan with you to meet them.

Further to the above, we can help you with a variety of other ailments you might be facing such as depression, respiratory issues, chronic fatigue plus many others. Of course, if it’s clear to us that you do require the assistance of a GP or specialist, we will advise as such.

What our naturopath can provide assistance with

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, or are keen to make an appointment with us, simply call our centre directly on (02) 4722 8261. Otherwise, visit our contact us page and fill in our online contact form and expect to hear a response from us very quickly.

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